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Deepen your marketing in the new normal

To Function in the ‘new normal’ we must constantly reassess what could now easily be termed as the ‘old ways’ of doing things. As everything around continues to evolve, the best that brands can do is to adapt and cater to the emerging trends, while maintaining a strong connect with consumers. Here are five Key principles to consider going forward.

It is obvious that our environment would continue to change. Functioning in the ‘new normal’ has compelled us to revive and reassess what could now easily be termed as the ‘old ways’ of doing things. As everything around continues to evolve, the best that brands and their handlers can do is to adapt and cater to the emerging trends, while maintaining a strong connect with consumers. Marketing strategies have undergone a serious makeover. At a time when social distancing continues to be practiced, traditional touch points such as print, ATL, and outdoor have transitioned to digital and mobile marketing.

 To enable smart marketing in the current scenario, Let’s look at five tips that brands must embrace as projected by Siddvant Narayan, Head, Marketing, One plus in India.

Digital is the major way to go

No matter your space on the marketing turf,  greater thrust must be placed on leveraging technology to drive consumer engagement . The fact is enhancing engagement with consumers will continue to be a priority for brands, but our approach needs constant innovation. Introducing unique digital initiatives will remain key, as on-ground activities will continue to take a back seat, at least in the near future. The current COVID 19 challenge is hastening this trend. Connecting digitally with an entire community of consumers from around the world is the best way for brands to bring in a semblance of normalcy to marketing initiatives along with providing a much-needed wholesome moment in the current situation.

Cuddle the world of virtual events

While people continue to remain socially distant, bringing offline experiences online will ensure they continue to connect with the brands they identify with. Adoption of technologies including Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) will completely change the way brands communicate, launch new products and engage with consumers, all while ensuring the safety of consumers is not compromised. A good starting point could be a hybrid of real and virtual world as we take things further.

Maintain the relationship

The pandemic is a serious crisis and brands have to be mindful of how they connect with consumers. But keeping the relationship is key. As we continue to respond to new challenges every day, forging partnerships and tapping into synergies in a strategic manner will yield great results in this complex and competitive market ecosystem. Working closely with community members also helps reinforce trust and brand ethos with a widespread audience. Consumers today don't just want quality, but also want to be valued. They want that personal touch . servicing the relationship will cement the smooth, consistent customer service experience.

Identify and use the right tools

Very few things irritate consumers more that "noisy" digital tools.  For effective message delivery, it is imperative to identify interesting formats to further enhance engagement with users. Be it new product introductions or regular marketing initiatives brands will have to continue taking a digital-first approach and use the right platforms and tools to curate meaningful experiences.

Transparency is key

In these uncertain times, transparent communication is key to building trust amongst consumers. While creating desire and demand for the product is important, addressing crises, and acknowledging challenges are equally pertinent to build a stronger connection with consumers. There is no fixed date as to when things will return to normalcy. Until then, as brand custodians, we will have to rethink traditional ways of engagement and understand that transparency, adaptability, and agility are going to be more important than ever. As we continue to move forward in this new journey, we need to constantly monitor changing consumer preferences and engage with our users using differentiated approaches and formats that best resonate with them. 

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-Siddhant Narayan, head of marketing - India, OnePlus.

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