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How to Evaluate Merchandising & Sales Activations Programmes

Priya Amarnani Co-Founder and Head of Operations at OMNIBIZ marketing Technologies, a SaaS company in the area of CRM and salesforce automation services provides detailed guidance on how on-field technologies can be used to manage the measurement of the impact of experiential and sales activation activities. (Part 1 Only)

Part of our Effective Merchandising and Sales Activation Online Training programme which contains lecture slides, workbooks, journal articles and over 10 hours of video lecture content This training programme provides you and your merchandising and sales activation team with the professional expertise you need to design and execute merchandising and sales activation campaigns that help brands use data and insights to stand out from the crowd at both modern and traditional retail trade. Delivered by an astute panel of experienced merchandising, sales activation and salesforce technology professionals, you will cover a wide range of fundamental as well as advanced issues required to make you succeed in-field and in-trade.




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