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Marketing Theory: Experience Marketing and Experiential Marketing-Is There a Difference?

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

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Despite the fact that experiences are regarded as key concepts in marketing today, there are different views and interpretations about the content of terms. The main objective of this article is to analyse the concepts of experience and experiential marketing. Based on the literature review the authors found that experience marketing is a strategic and a broader term than experiential marketing. We define experience marketing as a strategic and holistic

marketing of relevant (and meaningful) experiences, and experiential marketing as a tactical tool that helps to do marketing experientially. At the end of the article a conceptual model

of experience marketing is proposed.

Fig.1. The difference between experience and experiential marketing (Source: adaption of Leppiman, Same 2011) A customer creates meaning to all he/she perceives. Experience represents a meaningful relationship between a person's perceptional activity and a life situation, and is of particular significance to the person (Perttula 2007). When the customer experiences something to be important, this forms his/her life situations consisting of everything he/she is in meaningful relationship (Leppiman, Same 2011).


experience marketing, experience, experiential marketing, customer experience,


Siiri Same (Tallinn University of Technology, Tallin, Estonia) and Jorma Larimo University of Vaasa, Finland)

Delivered at the 7th International Scientific Conference “Business and Management 2012” May 10-11, 2012, Vilnius, LITHUANIA

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