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Repackaging Galore As Xmas Marketing Window Beckons

With the highly charged Christmas marketing window raving up gradually into a crescendo, brands are not leaving anything to chance to ensure that they maximise profit as events, shows etc begin to unfold. Product repackaging and rebranding has always been strategic tools to appeal to consumers during festivities. This year does not seem to be an exemption.

In this light, Nigerian Breweries Plc, one of the largest brewing company in Nigeria, has launched a new look for its Star Radler brand. This top Brewer is also set to introduce a new flavor –Red Fruits, besides the brand’s existing Citrus flavour.

Introducing the brand’s new look and taste on its twitter page, NB said: “Exciting new flavours coming your way! Get the very best of the unique Radler taste with our refreshing new look and exciting flavour.”

Since its launch in 2015, the introduction of Star Radler which comes with a unique blend of beer and pure citrus juice (orange and lemon) has been proved to be another unique package from Nigerian Breweries Plc ; Star Radler is naturally brewed, and contains only 2% of alcohol which makes it an easy choice for consumers who are new to the beer category. The packaging of Star Radler brings to life the refreshing, thirst-quenching and tasteful benefits of the special beer.

Star Radler is one of Nigerian Breweries’ 19 beverage brands.

Another brand from Nigerian Breweries, the Amstel Malta has equally launched a new variant of its nourishing premium malt drink. The new variant, Amstel Malta Ultra, comes with a stylish and fascinating look that speaks to the brand equity of the quality malt drink from the stable of Nigerian breweries Plc.

The new addition to the Amstel Malta family comes with no addition of sugar.

Commenting on the introduction of the new variant on its LinkedIn page, Nigerian Breweries Plc said: “The new Amstel Malta Ultra is our way of enriching the taste and relish of our customers. The new Amstel Malta Ultra is unique. It is the first ever malt drink produced without sugar.”

The new Amstel Malta Ultra is fortified with essential nutrients which include protein, vitamins (A-C), iron, calcium and fats. A few weeks ago, Coca-Cola Nigeria Limited equally unveiled the new look for its Sprite Bottles. In an official announcement, the company revealed that the Sprite bottles will switch from the iconic green plastic packaging to clear plastic packaging to increase the prospects for recycling. The transition period would take place from November to December 2020. A part from providing a special appeal to consumers this festive season, there is also an environmental angle to it.

The transition of Sprite’s plastic bottles from green to transparent bottles is part of the company’s World Without Waste initiative which aims to enable the collection and recycling of the equivalent of every bottle it sells by 2030 as well as reaching 50% recycled content of all its packaging by 2030.

The World Without Waste campaign represents Coca-Cola’s commitment to doing business sustainably through job creation for members of its host communities, financial empowerment and elimination of environmental waste.

With grants of over $1,000,000 from The Coca-Cola Foundation to multiple NGOs in Nigeria, several recycling and women empowerment programs are being implemented to address the issue of environmental protection while empowering women who are significant pillars of the society.

Coca-Cola has further invested in building an industry coalition that has birthed the Food and Beverage Recycling Alliance (FBRA). FBRA is an alliance of responsible and forward-looking companies united by a shared concern for the environment and a commitment to collaborate with all stakeholders in building a sustainable recycling economy for food and beverage packaging waste. These efforts have so far led to the recovery and recycling of over 55 million used bottles.

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