Strategic Thinking for Marketing and Services Leaders

Join our stellar panel of marketing strategy and commercial leadership experts in our May Day Master Class

We are delighted to invite senior executives, emerging as well as accomplished leaders in sales and marketing as well as marketing and creative services agencies to this half day executive learning session to be delivered via ZOOM.

Our guest lecturers will show case valuable learning content from our forthcoming Management & Leadership Skills Development Series, which is a commercial practitioner focused initiative intended to help scale workplace skills for firms looking to drive strategic advantage and growth through innovation, strategic thinking, action research and practical commercial leadership.

Please note that this master class though free, is only open to a select group of attendees meeting our criteria for relevance, potential impact and contribution.

Our Speakers

Austin Ufomba

Austin currently serves as CEO of the Tytron Group with interests in real estate, Mining and manufacturing. He has over 24 years professional and diverse working experience in Sales, Marketing, Strategy, General Management, Public Private Partnership, Business Advisory, Emerging Economies Development, Industrial Development Strategy, Project Management spread across diverse career experience including Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Banking and Public Sector.

He has served as Marketing Director at Coca-Cola Nigeria as well as Guinness Nigeria Plc, (A Diageo Company) two of Nigeria's most prestigious consumer marketing companies. While there, he was responsible for far reaching strategic initiatives. In recent times he has focussed his attention towards public private sector growth initiatives Austin shall be speaking on the imperatives of strategic thinking for todays marketing leaders.

Stuart Hamilton

Stuart is an International business and trade development specialist with over 40 years' experience across multiple sectors, with specific involvement in construction, oil & gas and IT. He has strong background in international trade and in tendering for large contracts.

He currently oversees Business Development and trade missions for the Scottish Chambers of Commerce which is a coalition of over 30 chambers of commerce with membership made up of 12,000 companies including some of Europe's most successful companies operating out of Scotland. In addition to this, he is a commercial leadership trainer and consultant, working with small and medium sized firms focussed on achieving breakthrough transformation. Stuart shall be speaking on the realities pf practical commercial leadership, with lessons that can be learnt from European growth firms.

Dr Rotimi Olaniyan