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The Noiseless Party: Keskese's Compelling Brand Activation for MTN

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

Keskese is an experiential agency that has been successful in win and keeping clients in this difficult experiential marketing environment. Managed by the closely knit duo of Founder, Tade Adekunle and GM Kayode Idowu, the agency has the enviable honour of having been named as the Experiential Marketing agency of the year at the last EXMAN Awards for Excellence in Experiential Marketing held in 2017. As reigning grand prix winners their submissions and case studies offer an opportunity for ideas and best practice. We asked the agency to share their story.

“ We strongly believe that the originality and relevance of an idea along with it implementation end to end makes for a great brand activation. We follow the Think- Act -Do philosophy in establishing experiential drivers in all our activations.”

Can you please tell us a little about your agency

We are a true independent agency dedicated to experiential marketing and brand activations; KESKESE Ltd. is young and dynamic, nimble and flexible, providing our clients with the knowledge and resources necessary to achieve their goals and objectives on time and within budget. Our goal is to generate the deepest, lengthiest engagement possible for our clients with their audiences .

Our campaigns and productions create connections that positively influence how internal and external audiences feel, think and act about brands, products and services.

We believe that such campaigns will ignite improved performance, increase sales and build strong brand loyalty.

The Noiseless Party for MTN Music+

Can you share the idea behind the MTN Noiseless Party activation experience

Music+ is a digital music platform by MTN that gives consumers the opportunity to purchase and listen to their favorite songs. The client challenged the agency to come back with an experiential idea that would help activate this. We felt that we could support the re-launch with a party but one delivered in a new unique way which would underscore the creative that the brand and the property stood for.

We proposed to re-launch Music+ with a LISTENING PARTY via a NOISELESS SOLUTION.

The NOISELESS party was an innovative concept of party without the blaring of giant speakers which was already catching on it other parts of the world. By piping the music directly into the ears of the party guests using special headphones with the ability to switch between two different DJs, we created a uniquely intimate listening experience for the revellers while also granting the communal benefit of a party crowd jointly having fun.

We choose to create the venue from scratch using the Kings College Football field which was turned into a world class party hub. The event incorporated engagement platforms such as: Customised exquisite Lounges, Hoover board boulevard, digital games’ parlour etc.

We also had A- list MTN Music Ambassadors perform at the event and officially unveil Music+ theme song. The re-launch Party made history as West Africa’s first noiseless party

How was the event received by the consumers and the client

Its was well received because of its novelty in the music space in the country.There were first skepticism about how it will work from the client because of its novelty from this party of the world. But we were able to convince them of its flawless execution based on our experience with same technology in the UK. At the end it was well received and we were rewarded will nationwide roll out after the launch.

Do you have performance measurements that you used to evaluate success

The event produced an upsurge in subscriber database of over 1 million new users. It trended online on twitter for over 72 hours non-stop, while Music+ App became the number two most downloaded music portal in the world after iTunes at re-launch time.

Following the launch, Music+ won the award for Digital content services of the year in the 2016 edition of the Global Telecoms Awards (GLOTEL), London

What in your opinion makes for a great brand activation

We strongly believe that the originality and relevance of an idea along with it implementation end to end makes for a great brand activation. We follow the Think- Act -Do philosophy in establishing experiential drivers in all our activations.

How does it feel to be the reigning EXMAN grand prix agency, what can we learn from your victory.

We feel very happy to be the reigning EXMAN grand prix agency. Staying true and committed to originality yields outstanding rewards

Kesekese won Experiential Marketing Agency of The Year in 2017

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