Tiger Den: Notable effort to remodel Nigeria's post-COVID leisure experience

L-R: Snr Category & Channel Manager-Premium, Nigerian Breweries Plc, Chris Ibeh; National Trade Marketing Manager, Nigerian Breweries Plc, Funso Ayeni; Business Manager- Modern Trade, Nigerian Breweries Plc, Juliet Ifebueme; MD/CEO Price Pointe Wholesale Club, Tayo Williams; Regional Business Manager, Olubukola Dare; and Portfolio Manager-NAD, Kehinde Kadiri at the grand opening of Tiger Den at Price Pointe, Ilupeju

The brand owners of Tiger beer in Nigeria must have pondered on Rahm

Emanuel's popular maxim “Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste,” when they

came out with the idea to surprise consumers in some areas of Lagos as bars and

drinking joints gradually reopen after almost six months of lockdown.

 With almost the entire country on a protracted lockdown, and many businesses

suffering great hardship, the awareness of brands must have deepened that

business thrive from the desire of consumers for recurring memorable


Pronto! Tiger beer finalized agreements with some bars in strategic positions in

Lagos to create what is now popularly known as the Tiger Den.

Today, if for instance, you visit one of the bars in this partnership- Price Pointe

Bar in Ilupeju, Lagos, you will encounter a new beautifully crafted structure,

which leaves you with a wonderful impression at first sight. Unlike the old bar

setting before the pandemic, people looking to unwind will be drawn towards

the transformed space, remodelled and upgraded by Tiger Beer, allowing for

'fresher' post COVID 19 guest experiences.

Tiger Beer, brewed by Nigeria’s top brewer, Nigeria Breweries Plc, says they

created the Tiger Den as part of efforts aimed at cushioning the tough effects of

COVID-19 in the country

The Tiger Den concept, they claimed was borne out of the need to strategically

upcycle existing outlets thus elevating not only the ambience of the space but

also the experience for consumers. The project, in the next few months, will see

more remodelling and renovation of several bars across Nigeria thereby

strengthening the brand’s relationship with outlets.- Advertisement -

Obviously, this partnership was also created to bring the tiger brand experience

closer to consumers in various axis as National Trade Marketing Manager,

Nigerian Breweries Plc, Funso Ayeni stated that Tiger Dens will open every

day of the week and consumers will enjoy the best of Tiger beer and other

Nigerian Breweries brands at the cheapest prices’’.

Tiger Dens, he also explained, were specially branded to provide consumers

with better ambience and a more enjoyable bar experience while giving beer-

lovers the opportunity to enjoy their favourite Tiger Beer and other Nigerian

Breweries brands.

Now, will Tiger Den stand the test of time to emerge as a captivating initiative

that will draw consumers to conquer their fears and express freedom, as the

beer brand seeks to communicate its unique brand messaging with this touch

point? ExperientialNG will remain on the ground to tell it all without any form of

embellishment as we keep our fingers crossed.

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