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Showcase Your Latest Activation Here. Let Clients See The Great Work You Are Doing.

Updated: Nov 4, 2018

As a resource set up to drive further professionalism and practitioner visibility in the brand and customer experience industry, we will like to invite you to submit and show case your latest activation across what ever platform, channel or canvas, here with us at Experiential NG. our team of writers will work with you to polish out your story and make it fit for purpose.

“ExperientialNG is an industry digital journal and information resource platform circulated free to all professionals in the experiential marketing, brand activation, customer marketing, digital marketing and field marketing industries. It covers all members and players within the value chain and is positioned to be a reliable source of news, views and intelligence.

We offer you the opportunity to develop and showcase your activation stories as sponsored content within our editorial. The content will be professionally produced and may include video and links to your websites for effective Call To Action. The content will however be subject to editorial vetting and quality assurance. You may wish to reflect on the posers and questions given below as guides.

Who is telling the agency and client brand stories

What Brands Are You Working On And How are they Positioned?

How Are Your Brand's Currently Doing In The Market Place?

How Are You Using Activation To Sustain And Grow The Brands?

What Is The Idea Behind The Activation/campaign?

What Are The Activation High Points?

What Are The Learnings For The Practice of Brand activation and Customer Engagement?

If your agency or marketing team is interested in enhancing the brand story, particularly from the stand point of how customer experience and engagement is improving the brand's equity story, then get in touch with ExperientialNG

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